Natasha Hartman


I am a Graphic Designer, graduated from The Art Institute of California San Francisco. I consider myself a well-rounded artist and am proficient with Adobe Suite, Microsoft, After Effects, Final Cut, and on many different design platforms and levels. I love art of any kind! I enjoy photography, graffiti, and most of all digital illustration. I love to make many different texture designs as well as vectors. What I try to show in my art is a combination of post-modernism and abstract designs with an urban feel since that is where I draw a lot of my inspiration. I am especially influenced by artists like Doze Green and Tara McPherson who's art reflects their personas. I am a people person who is very self motivated. I have been freelancing for about four years now. One of my goals is to find a company where I can continue to develop my skills, grow, advance, and become an asset.